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Shaudaa Samuels has been with RLabs since she started attending the Youth Café in Rocklands. She spent most of her time there because it started feeling like they were her second family.

She applied to do the GROW Leadership Academy course because she heard about it at the cafe. The first time I met her she was a ray of sunshine lighting up her surroundings. During GLA and especially the leadership aspect, she has grown tremendously.

Everyone goes through different battles of their own each day; she is no different, she also has various struggles that she faces. Before GROW she used to keep everything bottled up, she had nobody to speak to. GROW allowed her to have that someone to speak to and gave her the chance to experience support from the people around her. It showed her that she doesn’t have to go through life alone. She was also given the chance to start and deal with all the hard times she had been going through.

I feel that she has grown, and instead of the empty happiness she was showing at the beginning, she is starting to have an actual smile that is coming from the inside and not just one that keeps people from asking “what’s wrong?”

GLA has really helped her to grow into the person she was intended to be and I believe her future has benefited from it as well.

Written by: Chante Petersen (Leadership Co-facilitator)

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