RLabs - Potential to Change - GROW Leadership Academy
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RLabs – Potential to Change

RLabs – Potential to Change

RLabs has the potential to change

During my Grade 12 year (matric), I applied for and completed a course at the RLabs Academy. The course motivated me to apply for the Grow Leadership Academy (GLA). My initial thought was, “How am I going to benefit from this course”, but I immediately realized that this was not the purpose of the course. Even though, the course benefited me in so many ways, my mindset changed completely from, “What can I get out of this?” to “How can I help my community and other people in various ways?”

The GLA program taught me that everyone has invaluable potential. The RLabs Academy and the Grow Leadership Academy grew me as a person. I changed tremendously because of what I experienced at RLabs.

RLabs has the potential to change communities in a positive way, especially communities that has been suppressed and suffering of a social malaise searching for hope and a vehicle for change and that change is RLabs. I can reciprocate what RLabs taught me, what RLabs instilled in me. I now know what RLabs stands for and it’s objectives. I owe it to myself to better myself and help my community to move forward.

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