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A 25 year old young man full of ambition and perseverance to chasing his dreams. Craig Jacobs has a full time job and attends the GLA programme which needs 80% attendance. Managing your time between your job and GLA can become challenging, but he proved to himself and others that it is possible.

In Entrepreneurship the students were tasked with starting either a social project or a business; Craig along with 4 of his peers decided to take a venture on starting their own business. They had no startup capital so out of faith Craig decided to use money from his savings to start their business.

He used his skills and notes which he had learnt in the Entrepreneurship class and applied it to his business. During this time his car got hijacked, he had every reason to be discouraged but instead he is more determined to make a success of his life.

A wise entrepreneur said the following : ”The world is full of infinite possibilities and opportunities, but your life and career are finite, meaning you have limited time to find what you are searching for and to make your mark on the world.

It’s inspiring to see a student working towards leaving his mark!

Written by: Carley Niewenhuys (Entrepreneurship Co-facilitation)


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