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My Experience At RLabs

My Experience At RLabs


Denielle Bell

If you are looking for a life changing experience, RLabs is the place to be. It is so easy to give up hope in people, easy to stop having faith in the drug addicted teenager. That unemployed soul who lost purpose in life; the gangster child who knows no better. A young mother who has no real support; or that kid with the mommy and daddy issues, the drowning soul no one notices needs help swimming. RLabs is the the hope restoring blessing.

I remember coming for the interview and orientation day, I did not know what to expect at RLabs, nor what I would gain. I can truly say that RLabs had a massive impact in shaping the person that I was born to be. From letting go of all the negative impacts I had in my past, breaking every negative thought and feeling down till there was nothing left within me, to reviving the new, purpose driven, positive, open-minded, design thinker, entrepreneur and balanced person I have become.

We can’t change people but we can change the way they think and that will help change the person. RLabs is really a place of challenges tradition. For example, facing the ways of society, the mind blinding things that society make us believe but, RLabs shows us true meaning of having our unique, individual purpose in life and the skills and the knowledge we need to withhold to empower us as youth to be an example and make a change in the lives of others, and not to be blinded by society and held back from what we could be and can be.

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