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My entrepreneurial story

My entrepreneurial story

IMG-20151029-WA0005Lundi Velem

I grew up in a little suburb called Guguletho, where I learnt so much. I always looked up to my

father for the way he portrayed himself in the business environment. I always knew that I had

the characteristics of an entrepreneur within me however, I always put those thoughts to sleep

until I realized that I cannot work in an office under superiors. One day I realized while I was

working in a corporate company that I need to pursue the lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

After thinking about this I then left my job and enrolled myself at the Grow Leadership Academy

for the specialization phase. I have learnt quite a lot. It really made a huge impact in my

entrepreneurial journey which I am extremely grateful for. Within the course I came to

understand the power of a team and this pushed me to pursue my business idea.

When I first started the course I thought that I would know everything about the business life

but I came to learn that one should keep on learning and strive to be teachable.

Today I own my own business and it is still growing. I would love to encourage entrepreneurs to

keep being determined to turn their idea into a business.

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