Meet Sisa Ntshwaqela - GROW Leadership Academy
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Meet Sisa Ntshwaqela

Meet Sisa Ntshwaqela

Sisa Ntshwaqela  grew up and is currently living in Site C Kayalitsha. He explains that life was a roller-coaster when he was growing up. “Growing up was exciting as I loved soccer very much and spent most of my day on the soccer field. As a child I really disliked school due to the fact that I grew up with a single mother and always having to explain to my friends why my father was absent was the worst feeling ever. I wouldn’t say my childhood was a happy time as it left me feeling burdened. At the age of 12 I had to be mature regarding the challenges I was facing,it made me feel as if I were grown. Looking back to my childhood, I felt like it was taken away from me.”

He attended the Grow Leadership Academy in which he grasped a lot of things although at the beginning  he felt very uncomfortable sharing and opening up about his past because it broke him down (emotionally). As one of the Entrepreneurial students within the GLA specialization phase, he sees now that opening up about his past has healed him.

The young man from Site C is quite busy,not only is he attending the GLA specialization phase as a student but he is also currently studying at UNISA. His plan is to obtain a degree in education,grow personally and have his own business.

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