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Looking Back

Looking Back


“I am able to control only that of which I am aware. That of which I am unaware controls me. Awareness empowers me.” Anonymous

The topic of the day was reflection using the I.I.E.I Paradigm. Now reflection is a discipline that can help with personal growth by examining the past to draw out universal principles. The purpose of this discipline is to apply what you have learnt to your present reality and future plans.

It creates awareness about yours as you interact with people and your environment.

Now the I.I.E.I paradigm helps with:

  • identifying a situation
  • interpreting the deeper meaning                    
  • engaging- how do I respond?
  • imprinting- what universal principle can

I learn from this?

When you imprint a universal principle, it will help you remember if you can capture it in a powerful phrase, proverb or concise saying like “look before you leap” or “do unto others as you would have them do to you…”

To see where the students are at we asked the students to face their peers and told them to look carefully at each other. When asked to mention a few things, the students saw qualities which is basically looking at the soul of the person. And when they were asked to look into the eyes of their peers one of the students Vuyelwa immediately said without hesitation “I SEE MYSELF!”.

Now in order for us to reflect it allows to know who we are . You might be thinking it’s a waist of time but actually it’s not. A clear example of failure to reflect is Henry VIII he had six wives and because none of them could bare him a son he killed them. and it caused lots of pain for especially for those who lost their heads.

The students were in their peer groups . They had to ask each other questions to help each other reflect on a past situation using the I.I.E.I Paradigm. After giving them 30 minutes we rounded up the students and put them into three groups to give feedback about how it was and what they reflected on. One of the students Zachary Harrison said that while reflecting he realised that ever since he failed to pass out his drivers licence he has been afraid to accomplish something because he is afraid of failing again. Due to this he procrastinates all the time .



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