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Hope Has Come

Hope Has Come

It is not often that opportunities such as the Grow Leadership Academy come along, but when it did Ashwin Galant made sure he grabbed it with both hands. “Growing up in Manenberg has not been an easy life for me,” Ashwin explains. Being influenced by friends was the only life he knew which in the end lead him to fail his matric year. He felt like a big disappointment and that now his life was not going anywhere.

He was introduced to the Vangate Youth Café through his moms friend and from there became a Zafe. His experience at the cafe enabled him to open up and get his life moving forward. He became one of many Zafes to do motivational speaking at schools in the community. He joined the Grow Leadership Academy programme and says it is one of the best decisions he has ever made!

Through GLA he learned to become more confident and open to learning new things. He also applied to write his matric and to be part of the police academy at  Crysalis Academy. Anything is possible. He now uses his story to motivate other young people in schools and in his community.

Written by: Sasha-Lee Matthews (Leadership Lead Facilitator)


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