From humble beginnings to finer things - GROW Leadership Academy
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From humble beginnings to finer things

From humble beginnings to finer things

It is said that we are all unique and develop and learn at different rates. While some of us get to experience things as the world is developing and changing the rest of us get left behind trying to keep up. RLabs is a movement developed to empower our community and that is just what they are doing.

Within GROW Leadership Academy (a program that runs at RLabs) a range of courses are being provided to help our young leaders and entrepreneurs grow and develop. As the course has progressed I have seen a lot of growth from many of the students, there’s a noticeable change from where they began and where they are now.

When I think back on the classes I have co-facilitated, one student in Technology class stands out. In Technology class, basic computer skills (among other skills) get taught to the students. Some students have never had the privilege of working with computers and through Grow Leadership Academy they are able to do so. Nwabisa Gobha one of our students whom I have had the privilege of getting to know as well as facilitate has grown so much. She had some knowledge of computers but not much. She would always ask for assistance whenever she needed it, and when her friends needed help but were too shy or afraid of asking she would ask on their behalf. Nwabisa is now capable of navigating around a computer with little to no help and in the process assist her classmates where she is able to.

It is a great privilege to know that you are a part of something so priceless; being on the outside looking in and seeing the growth. It’s like watching a flower bloom before your very eyes.

Nwabisa is just one of many students who is part of GROW Leadership Academy and one of many stories alike. She is proof that if you grab hold of the opportunities that are available the outcome can truly be tremendously rewarding.

Written by: Jaime Combrinck (Technology Co-facilitators)

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