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Finding myself

Finding myself

GROW Leadership Academy has changed my life. When I started GLA, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was exactly like school. Back then, I didn’t like school. So I wouldn’t have liked GLA either. But something inside me said, “Give it a try.”

My life before GLA was miserable & broken. I had no idea who I really was. Everything in my life was a mess. I was confused. I had no direction.

When the “Leadership” classes started, I started learning more about myself. I could open up to people about things in my life that I thought I never would, in my “River of Life.” (“River of Life” is an opportunity students get to share their stories from birth up until now. All the good and bad decisions they have made.) After I shared my “River of Life” I could figure out my values are and who I want to be.

When I started GLA, I knew absolutely nothing about computers, I didn’t know how the internet worked & Word. I didn’t have an email address. But as time passed, I learned so much in the “Digital” sessions. I have learned so much, I now share my knowledge with my siblings, mom and people around me at home.

GLA is amazing. It is a life changing opportunity. Something you cannot miss out on in life. I would definitely encourage every young person to apply for GLA. There is nothing to regret about this opportunity.

Grow Leadership Academy changed my life. Imagine what it can do to yours.

Elvina Michaels

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