Does optimism really take you places? - GROW Leadership Academy
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Does optimism really take you places?

Does optimism really take you places?


From a very young age Shaood was very friendly,optimistic and really wanted to see what the

world has to offer him but was never exposed to much of it.

“I failed my matric in the year 2012 and I felt very discouraged. I then looked for jobs but all I could

find was casual jobs. Life was a real struggle, I had to help my mother provide for the house and

make sure the bills get paid but could not find a steady job.

After struggling to find a job I then decided to start my own business selling bedding material, bed

covers,sheets and duvets. This all started at the Youth Café in my first entrepreneurship session.”

Shaood has attended and completed the Grow Leadership Academy program and says that it has

created a paradigm shift within his thoughts.

This young man has big dreams and believes that optimism can take him places.

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