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A young man pushing boundaries

A young man pushing boundaries

Grant Johnson

Born on the 18 March 1994 in a local suburb called Bridgetown however as a young boy Grant explains that he grew up without his father and watched how his mother and grandma got abused by his grandpa. As a child he felt very lonely and depressed and that led to him being an introvert, on the other hand he also had to face bullies at school.

After completing schooling career Grant then was enrolled at CTI College that’s where he studied B com Tourism Management but failed his first year.grant

After failing his first year at college he then heard of the Grow Leadership Academy in which he instantly attended. After six months of Leadership, Digital and Entrepreneurial training Grant expressed his experience by saying: “My experience at Grow was amazing, I met amazing facilitators and people who helped shaped me into the person I am now. The program really made an Impact in my life because it opened up doors of opportunities for me and I am grateful for it”.

From a failure at College to a successful student in the GLA program Grant then then became one of the facilitators in the very same program at RLabs however, he is still pushing for greater things.

The young man is hoping to grow at RLabs and potentially start a business with a few of his fellows. After experiencing HOPE in such a short period of time he is now willing to give back to the community.

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