A Mother, A Rock - GROW Leadership Academy
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A Mother, A Rock

A Mother, A Rock

If there is anything Grow Leadership Academy has taught me it’s that each semester is unique. There are some remarkable students who come through this programme and leave here stronger; being able to, not only, make a change for themselves but their communities as well.

I am a Grow Fellow who has the amazing opportunity to co-facilitate in Leadership, which is one of the classes that the students attend within the GLA programme. In  my time spent co-facilitating, I came to learn more about an amazing young woman by the name of Rochelle de Wee. In the beginning she was a very shy and quiet person who liked keeping to herself and only spoke when she needed to. She is, however, someone who always interacts in all her sessions and is very committed. She is also someone of wisdom and makes a good role model for young people.

Rochelle never told anyone, only after having to share her Life Purpose Statement, that she is a mother of two children whom she is raising on her own since she no longer has her parents. She lives with an aunt of hers but she still has no support. Her whole reason for joining Grow Leadership Academy is to empower herself so that she can create a better life for herself and her children. After hearing her story, Sue Horne who is one of two lead facilitators in the Leadership class, was so touched that she is reaching out to Rochelle to try and get her some support.

Thanks to the Grow Leadership Academy she no longer has to feel like she’s alone and has people who can support her.

Written by: Jade Combrinck (Leadership Co-facilitator)

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