The story of Junaid Thebus - GROW Leadership Academy
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The story of Junaid Thebus

The story of Junaid Thebus

Junaid Thebus

Challenged to find Identity and purpose. It was not long till he decided to attend the Grow Leadership Academy course, as a student Junaid said: “GROW changed my life dramatically and Leadership played a huge role in my life”.

After completing the Grow Leadership Academy course Junaid was ask

Junaid Thebus Born on the 23 October 1994, in one of the local suburbs within the Cape flats called Heideveld. As a young boy he Junaidwent by the name “Jube Jube” on the streets, however as time progressed he was then known as “JuJu” a name that Junaid says he loves.

Looking back to when to when he was young boy Junaid explained that he was quite intelligent but the one thing which held him behind was the lazy attitude.

Through his journey he was faced with a number of challenges and one of them was that he was struggling to find his purpose in life; he then joined the Vangate Youth Café and that’s where Junaid was granted the opprtuninty  to share his hopes for the future and said: “I would love to become a developer and finish my book that is titled “Who am I “. This book is based on my life story and how my life was changed”.

Even though Junaid experienced so much as a young man, he still has big dreams in which he would pursue being the CEO of Microsoft South Africa.

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